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Bestselling Author of Viking Historical Fiction Novels and Viking History Blogger

Adrien’s novel is a well thought out, deeply researched narrative that marries history with young adult fiction. In a time where females are popular among the young adult sector, this male focused novel is a welcome reprieve and appeals to a need for an action packed novel.”

Portland Book Review

C.J. Adrien presents a story that is historically accurate, colorful, and complex in it’s many issues. The level of detail in his story was striking from knowledge of ancient maritime skills, maritime warfare tactics, and the complexity of tribal or medieval warfare.”

D.W. Roach, Author of Marauder

An epic fictional Norse saga set in the ninth century, featuring royalty, repressed love, battles, and the raw appeal of untrammeled nature…steeped in period detail and political backbiting in a richly imagined world.”

– Kirkus Reviews


C.J. Adrien is a bestselling author of Viking historical fiction novels with a passion for Viking history. His Kindred of the Sea series was inspired by research conducted in preparation for a doctoral program in early medieval history as well as his admiration for historical fiction writers such as Bernard Cornwell and Ken Follett. He is also a published historian on the subject of Vikings, with articles featured in historical journals such as L’Association des Amis de Noirmoutier, in France. His novels and expertise have earned him invitations to speak at several international events, including the International Medieval Congress at the University of Leeds, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), conferences on Viking history in France, among others. C.J. Adrien earned a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Oregon, a Master’s degree from Oregon State University, and is currently searching for the right university to complete his doctoral thesis.

Speaker at multiple international events.

Novels published by Creativia and available worldwide.

Continually researching, continually writing!

C.J. Adrien at Lindisfarne

Why the Vikings?

C.J. Adrien, passionate about early medieval history, grew up with tales of the Vikings. His paternal family, natives of the island of Noirmoutier, claim to trace their ancestry to the Norwegian conquerors who used the island as a base in the 9th Century to launch raids along the coast of what is now Western France and Brittany.

The idea that Vikings might comprise part of his paternal heritage launched Adrien on a life-long quest of research. He has his whole life sought to uncover the true history of a people who forged for themselves a lasting reputation during an obscure and oft-misunderstood time period. He shares much of his research and knowledge on his Viking history blog and through his Viking historical fiction novels. To learn more about the historical sources for the blog, visit the selected bibliography page.







Viking Historical Fiction Novels

Read the Viking History Blog

Check out the Viking history blog that shares some of C.J. Adrien’s research on the Viking Age. The blogs cover all manner of topics, from dispelling old tropes to uncovering seldom before seen finds and theories.

Viking Sword Found In Turkey
Viking Sword Found in Patara, Turkey.
A recent discovery has created a great deal of buzz at Akdeniz University, in Turkey.…
How fast did Viking Longships Sail?
How Fast Did Viking Longships Sail? While modern replicas offer us some evidence for the…
13th Warrior Poster
Is The 13th Warrior Film Historically Accurate?
It is a question I am often asked when someone finds out I am passionate…
The Danevirke
The Danevirke Receives World Heritage Site Status
One of the most important sites for the study of the Viking Age has received…
I. E. C. Rasmussen Sommernat, Vikings In Greenland, Vikings In America
American Vikings: Did the Greenland Norse take Native American Wives?
It’s a well-known fact of history that the Vikings got around, both figuratively and literally.…
How Tall Were The Vikings? Vikings Arkeologisk Museum Stavanger, Norway
How Tall Were the Vikings?
There exists a peculiar perception among the general public that the Vikings stood taller than…
Drinking Horns: Were They Really Used by the Vikings?
Modern portrayals of the Vikings seem to be obsessed with horns, particularly in regards to…
Eric Schumacher Author
How historical is historical fiction? An Interview with Bestselling Author Eric Schumacher
In July of 2017, I attended a panel discussion on the authenticity of historical fiction…
Why Are The Vikings Popular?
Why Are the Vikings So Popular?
For those who study the Vikings professionally, there is an intrinsic fascination that drives their…
Bernard Cornwell
How historical is historical fiction? An Interview with Bernard Cornwell
This past July, I attended and spoke at the International Medieval Congress at the University…
Lindisfarne Stone, The Viking Raid At Lindisfarne
The Viking Raid at Lindisfarne: Who Attacked the Monastery?
It was an event that shook the Christian world to its core. So traumatic was…
Do You Use The Word Viking Correctly? Peter Nicolai Arbo, Haakon The Good
Do You Use the Word Viking Correctly?
A contentious issue that has long plagued both the study of Vikings and the place…
How Did The Vikings Treat The Elderly? Egil Skallagrimsson
How did the Vikings Treat the Elderly?
One would not be remiss for thinking that the elderly were few and far between…
The Icelandic Sagas
What are the Icelandic Sagas?
The Icelandic Sagas are a large body of literature written during the medieval period about…
Swedish Vikings: Who Were The Rus? Skylitzis Chronicle VARANGIAN GUARD
Swedish Vikings: Who Were the Rus?
As I explained in my previous blog about the difference between the Danish, Norwegian, and…
The Invitation Of The Rus
What Was the Difference Between Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish Vikings?
Why do we think of the Vikings as one people? Here I explore the differences…
Vikings In Spain: Nicholas Roerich, Guests From Overseas
The Vikings in Spain: A Brief History.
Ultimately, Spain experienced less of the brunt of the Viking Age than other areas such…
Difference Between Danish, Norwegian, And Swedish Vikings; Funeral Of Ruthenian Noble By Siemiradzki
Did the Vikings Really Sacrifice Humans?
Did the Vikings conduct human sacrifice? It is a sensational claim. Not only does it…
Raven Banner From The Bayeux Tapestry, Raven Flag
The Raven Flag: Was it Really a Thing?
A common item paraded by reenactors all over the world is the Raven Flag (or…
Ritual Drinking in the Viking Age: Was it Really a Thing?
Revisionist history has a way simultaneously shattering old paradigms and creating new ones.
Bishop Gohard, Viking Sack Of Nantes
The City the Vikings Sacked Before Paris, and Why It Matters.
**Painting by Édouard Jolin, can be seen in the cathedral of Nantes. Depicts the murdering…
Difference Between Danish, Norwegian, And Swedish Vikings; Funeral Of Ruthenian Noble By Siemiradzki
The Vikings: An English Teacher’s Worst Nightmare?
It is the question parents and teachers alike struggle to answer: why does English break…
Odin Drinking From Mimir's Well
The Vikings Had A Culture of Learning
History has falsely remembered the Vikings as brutish, amoral barbarians with no respect for anyone…
Oleg Of Novgorod
Three Vikings Who Were More Interesting (and Notorious) Than Ragnar Lothbrok
History Channel's Ragnar Lothbrok, although remarkable, is a character from legend. There is no telling…
The Coronation Of Charlemagne
The Vikings: Divine Retribution Against the Franks?
The Carolingian Empire was the greatest superpower of its day. It was unmatched by its…
Long Or Short: How Did The Vikings Wear Their Hair?
Long or Short: How Did the Vikings Wear Their Hair?
To many, the answer is obvious: Vikings were barbarians, fitting of the description of godless…
Coins Bullion York Hoard
7 Wonders of the Viking World
The Vikings didn’t leave much behind in the way of brick and mortar buildings, but…
Rollo Of Normandy
Normandy’s Other Founder Who History Forgot
The first ruler of Normandy, the mighty Viking Rollo, did not accomplish all that he…
Gjermundbu Helmet
3 Often-Ignored Truths About the Study of the Vikings
When reading online articles about the Vikings, it's easy to get suspicious about the veracity…
Do You Have Viking Blood? Evaristo Vital Luminais - Pirates Normands Au IXe Siècle
Do You Have Viking Blood?
It’s no secret that the Vikings were prolific (and terrific) progenitors. They traveled far in…
Peter Nicolai Arbo, Battle Of Stamford Bridge
5 Major Factors That Ended the Viking Age
The internet abounds with a multitude of theories on why the Viking Age began. Why…
Do You Use The Word Viking Correctly? Peter Nicolai Arbo, Haakon The Good
Three Norse Customs that Christianity Killed.
When Christianity spread across Scandinavia during the Viking Age, it changed many Norse cultural norms.…
The Danevirke
What Is the Danevirke?
Anyone interested in the Viking Age should know about this hugely important edifice that served as…
Viking Siege Of Paris 845 A.D.
The Clergymen Who Fought Back Against the Vikings
In 799 A.D. the world turned upside down for the clergymen of the Saint Philbert…
Did The Vikings Wear Helmets? Vikings In Guerande
Did the Vikings Wear Helmets?
We know for sure that the Vikings did not have horns on their helmets. Yet…
Lloyds Bank Coprolite: Viking Poop.
The Vikings: Even Their Poop Is Interesting
Archeology has done wonders to expound many of the mysteries surrounding Scandinavian culture of the…
The Reindeer Antler Comb That Is Rewriting History
The Reindeer Antler Comb That Is Rewriting History
Vikings have made the headlines this week across the globe after a surprising announcement from…
The Most Ignored Viking Destination in History
When thinking of the Vikings, most will think firstly of their exploits in England. To…
Vikings Skiing, Viking Skis
3 Viking Inventions We Use Today
The Vikings invented a great many things during their heyday, but not many have survived…
Death Of Gudrod The Hunter
Powerplay: A Viking Woman’s Triumph Over Her Abusive Husband
Viking women were strong. Their culture allowed them more freedom and social mobility than other…
Were The Vikings Dirty? What Were Their Bathing Practices?
Were the Vikings Dirty? What Were Their Bathing Practices?
A skaldic verse from Egill Skallagrimson paints the picture of what once was considered the…
How Tall Were The Vikings? Vikings Arkeologisk Museum Stavanger, Norway
The Truth About Viking Armor: No Horns, No Uniformity Either.
While the History Channel would have us believe they were a leather-clad biker gang akin…
The Vikings in…Georgia?
No, the Vikings did not venture as far as the southern state of Georgia in…


For questions and comments about his Viking historical fiction novels, feel free to reach out to C.J. Adrien directly by filling out the form below. Please also use the form below for booking inquiries.

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