5 Must-Do’s for Viking Lovers

If you love the vikings, here are the five must-do’s you must add to your bucket list. (Click the pictures for more information on each place on their own site)

5. L’Anse aux Meadows, Canada


This groundbreaking site in the Americas continues to provide new and fascinating evidence in the lives of the Norse Settlers who lived there. Today you can find a recreation of a longhouse in the same dimensions and using the same materials found in excavations. This is certainly a must-see spot for any lover of Viking history.

4. Puy du Fou, France


This historical theme park features a one of a kind show about the Vikings. Although they stray into fantasy (it is, after all, a show), the choreography and costumes will have you entertained to the end. If you want to see a Viking raid live with fire and explosions, this is the place to see it.

3. Lofotr Viking Museum, Norway


Nestled in the fjords of northern Norway, this museum offers a state of the art recreation Longhall fit for the kings of old, set among the background of beautiful Norwegian landscape. If the countryside and recreation village aren’t enough, take a tour of the fjords on a professionally sailed Longship to feel the wind in your hair and the salt on your face.

2. Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark

Samsejlads 2007

Learn everything there is to know about Viking ships through an array of captivating exhibits. The museum also hosts guest exhibits and even offers sailing lessons so that you can learn how to sail a Longship! Think you have what it takes to sail one? Test your metal at Roskilde.

1. Jorvik Viking Festival in York, England


This is one of the big shows in the Viking world. Their festival boasts hundreds of reenactors dressed in historically accurate garb, a reenactment village where one can watch true artisans create a variety of crafts, longships to ride, and an overall complete Viking atmosphere that is an envy to museums across the globe. The Jorvik Viking Festival is everything a viking lover could ever want.