10 Viking Artifacts You Didn’t Know Existed

Most of the artifacts we encounter online and in history books focus on war: swords, shields, helmets, and other artifacts of warfare. Less focus is placed on everyday items, such as, interestingly enough, tweezers. Yet, everyday items offer us a far better glimpse into life in Viking Age Scandinavia than their weapons. The breadth ofContinue reading “10 Viking Artifacts You Didn’t Know Existed”

Viking Vlog 14: Who Was Olaf Trygvasson? And Interview with Eric Schumacher

In this video, I sit down with bestselling author Eric Schumacher to discuss the life and significance of the historical figure Olaf Trygvasson. How do we know about Olaf? Where does he fit in the larger context of the Viking Age? What was is impact and legacy? We discuss these questions and more.