10 Viking Artifacts You Didn’t Know Existed

Most of the artifacts we encounter online and in history books focus on war: swords, shields, helmets, and other artifacts of warfare. Less focus is placed on everyday items, such as, interestingly enough, tweezers. Yet, everyday items offer us a far better glimpse into life in Viking Age Scandinavia than their weapons. The breadth ofContinue reading “10 Viking Artifacts You Didn’t Know Existed”

The Swedish Vikings: Who Were the Rus?

Scandinavia at the beginning of the Viking Age appears to have shared a common culture, as shown by the archeological record, but it later diverged into several distinct groups. As I discussed in my previous blog about the difference between the Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish Vikings, we know the most about the Danes and Norwegians becauseContinue reading “The Swedish Vikings: Who Were the Rus?”