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So you wrote a novel. Now what?

So you wrote a novel. Now what? All writers aspire to complete a full-length novel, and most will never finish. Those who do soon realize writing a book is akin to reaching Mount Everest’s base camp. The peak is still far, far up.

Writing a book is one thing. Getting it to print and selling it is a whole other beast. Few authors know how daunting a task publishing, marketing, and selling a book can be more than I do. In 2020, I had the good fortune of selling more than 40,000 copies of my novels in a single year. These were not cookbooks, coloring books, or children’s books, but genre fiction (the most challenging kind of books to sell). Viking historical fiction novels, to be precise. How did I do it?

Sales did not pick up overnight. It took me more than ten years of experience—starting as a self-published author and gaining enough traction to become a hybrid author (part self-published, part traditionally published)—to reach bestseller status. My journey was fraught with shortfalls and mistakes. I had to learn some hard lessons, cut losses, and even leave entire series of novels behind. But I did succeed.

In the end, I rose above my competition and became a major player in my genre. My books now generate the kind of passive income aspiring authors all hope to achieve. In the spirit of helping others, I have distilled all the ingredients to replicate my success into an easy-to-follow road map that will help to give aspiring authors a sense of direction in the publishing and marketing process.

How I have decided to approach helping others is in a consultative capacity. I have no desire to start yet another vanity publishing house, yet another book prep website, or yet another gimmicky book marketing site. I find many such enterprises somewhat predatory (and I’ve been taken by a couple of them myself over the years). Instead, I want to work one-on-one with aspiring authors on a human level to discuss the challenges facing them. Aspiring authors face insurmountable odds, and my program prepares them for their journey with realistic expectations, solid goal-setting, and a workable plan for success. Of course, I make no guarantees a book will sell. Most won’t. But if this is a path you are determined to take, I can equip you with the tools you will need to make the most of it.

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